Here's What's Up:

Being a Mom is hard. It's lonely, not always glamorous and completely emotional. We may have kids that need to get to 10 different activities in one evening, and only 1 shuttle (aka car) to get them there, or forgotten homework that needs to be done STAT, because you need to walk out the door in 5 minutes for school.

How about us Moms that have school aged children (um. see above) AND have to cater to the needs to a toddler and a baby. Like WHO does that to themselves?? Oh it just me??? 

When you feel there are endless amounts of butts to be wiped and enough toys to create an obstacle course on the way to the laundry room - oh yah, and should we talk about the week old pile of laundry that's been stacked up?? We don't even remember if it's clean or dirty!

Shall we talk about dinner prep?? Oh HELLLLLL NO!!! The thought of planning and preparing meals for everyone, is enough to make you climb back under the covers with a note that says "CLOSED FOR BUSINESS"! As, you KNOW, someone is going to HATE what you put in front of them. It's like "How dare you feed me this healthy food, that's going to help me stay focused, keep my immune system stable and form better habits, MOM! HOW DARE YOU??"